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How We Find the Deals

A Better Shopping Experience

The Central Coast is an amazing place to live, but its limited furniture selection makes some residents feel the need to shop through lengthy online stores, or drive many miles to buy furniture. Considering either of these choices can be overwhelming, and presents many questions about what's best for your family unanswered.

Our Solution

Harrington Home Furniture Outlet opened its doors in March of 2004, and since then, we have been devoted to giving our customers expert help in finding the best deals in furniture and mattresses.

Harrington Home Furniture Outlet knows what type of furniture you need. From styles, functionality and durability, we can help you realize your dream. We are just like you: we grew up here, went to school here, and raise our families here. We want durable, inexpensive, easy to clean, and beautiful furniture just like you!

How do we do it?

We have developed superior relationships with the best furniture companies in the world, focusing on quality that will hold up to your family and not break the bank. Our goal is to find the best overstocks and closeouts at savings up to 75% off.

We select only those that meet our high standards; and order truckloads because of the limited availability of these great products. Have you noticed the high shipping and freight prices you usually see for furniture? Our system gets furniture shipped to the Central Coast for the least possible price, often for less than the online price!

For more info on how Harrington Home Furniture ticks, check out the article The Tribune published about us: "Keen Eye for Closeouts"


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